SHooTY - Frequently Asked Questions

We tried to summarise the most frequent asked questions for you. To see the answer of a question just click on the specific question and the answer will expand.

If you havea question and can't find it here, please do contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

{ Are you available on our event date? }

Since we have many SHooTY walls there is a good chance we are available, but to double check please fill out the custom order form.

{ Can we choose the background of the SHooTY wall? Can we use our own background? }

Yes. We offer different designs and backgrounds. You can even use your own background (a vector graphic is required) or even brand a SHooTY wall. To find more information about a custom SHooTY wall, please follow this link.

{ Can we get a copy of the images taken by the SHooTY wall on a disk? }

Yes all SHooTY wall rentals include DVD of all the photos taken at high resolution, which will allow you to make enlargements  easily.

{ Do I need a separate table in order to arrange all the accessories? }

No. We’ll provide you with a table. You just should provide us some space to fit this table in.

{ Do we get unlimited photos during the rental period? }


{ Do you charge extra for set up of SHooTY? }

No, we will arrive early to set up the booth and then take it away at the end of the event.

{ Do you have liability insurance? My venue has old historic floors and walls and is worried about a heavy booth scratching or marring the decor. }

Yes, we are insured for liability, damage and fire. However, rest assured, we have never run into an issue where there was property damage. Our SHooTY wall weighs not even 20kg.

{ How much cost a SHooTY event? }

Please find our current prices & packages here. You can also contact us for custom packages. Please fill out our custom order form and we will discuss your SHooTY party with you.

{ Do you rent SHooTY walls solutions nationally? }

No. At the moment we are just offering our service in NSW. But we are working on a solution to expand this nationwide soon.

{ Does an attendant come with the rental? }

Yes, our trained SHooTY staff will set up the SHooTY event and answer any questions guests have as well as take SHooTY wall down at the end of the event. That being said SHooTY wall is self explanatory and an attendant is not really needed since instructions are clearly displayed.

{ How long does it take for photos to be posted on the internet? Can they be password protected? }

Two weeks or less and yes all galleries are password protected.

{ How much floor space will the SHooTY wall take up? }

3 x 3 m is the minimum space we require. It fits up to 8 people comfortably, but we've seen 18 or more people crammed up behind a wall. The more people behind or in front of a SHooTY wall the more fun will it be.

{ How much will it cost to deliver a SHooTY solution to my event? }

Generally speaking we try to make delivery free if you live within 60 minutes of the metropolitan area in Sydney, whether it be Central Coast, South Coast. Please do contact us for all other locations you may have in mind.

{ I need the SHooTY wall set up two hours before my reception because my ceremony and reception are at the same place. How much do you charge for idle hours? }

This happens quite frequently. We charge $50 extra per hour of idle time. Some customers choose to have the booth run for a one hour cocktail hour. Have it idle for an hour during dinner and then have it run for a couple more hours during the reception as well.

{ Is it wheel chair accessible? }

There are no steps or tiny openings - It is fully wheel chair accessible.

{ Oh and there's no electricity on the beach side at our venue. }

No problem we can run our booth on batteries for an extra fee.

{ We would like photos from the booth projected onto a large projection screen towards the end of our reception as a little "surprise" for our guests can this be done. }

Yes, of course we can arrange this. Please contact us for options.

{ What is the difference between the digital SHooTY wall your company rents and a classic photo booth? }

Our SHooTY walls are designed to explore even more fun by having the feeling to stand behind or in front a wall with frame openings. You can shoot in front and/or behind a SHooTY wall and that gives even more people the opportunity to have space on one single photo.

Also, providing many useful and fun accessories gives your fantasy a free run and you can start combining things together and get even more fun out of your SHooTY wall.

{ What is your deposit? }

50% of the rental fee. The balance is due 7 days before your event. We accept Visa and Mastercard as well as bank deposit and Paypal.

{ When do we receive the DVD? }

You will receive the DVD around one week after the event.