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SHooTY - The ultimative party experience

------- The ultimate, new - and extremely hilarious - party experience -------

Are you wondering what you can do this year to make your event even more memorable? Why not try SHooTY, a new kind of party experience that is loads of fun and will be remembered for years to come.

We have created a new way to have fun.

SHooTY is easy because we take care of all the details, leaving you to relax and have fun. Our friendly, trained and fun-loving assistants will:
  • Deliver and set up your display wall
  • Connect the unique 40” photo display screen
  • Make sure everybody has fun with a range of silly false moustaches and lips on a stick, absurd facemasks, vintage umbrellas and cameras and outrageous glasses.
  • Print all the high definition photos you can use onto a handy DVD
  • And then pack it all up and take it back to SHooTY’s studio

SHooTY can even publish your all party pictures in a secure online gallery that you can share with friends, at home and overseas. That way, the fun memories will last forever.

What kind of SHooTY are you?

At SHooTY, we believe that the little details are what make a party really memorable. Do you need a really ludicrous selection of facial masks for your SHooTY party? Or perhaps you’re looking for the ultimate in absurd lips and moustaches.

You may even want the world to know what a fun company you are to work for. We’ll brand your wall with your logo so that everyone knows you take your fun seriously.

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